3. Searching electronic sources


The decision on which source to use depends on the research question. The three electronic bibliographic databases generally considered being the richest sources of primary studies - MEDLINE, EMBASE, and CENTRAL - are essential in any literature review for the KCE. However, many other electronic bibliographic databases exist.

Systematic reviews can be found in the Cochrane Database for Systematic Reviews, in DARE or in Medline. Search strategies have been developed to enhance the identification of these types of publications (Kastner, 2009; Montori, 2005).

HTA reports can be found in the HTA database of INAHTA or at individual agencies’ sites (see HTAi vortal under "HTA Agencies and Networks").

Specifically for drugs and technology reviews, data from the US Federal Drug Administration (FDA) or EMA can be helpful.

Providing an exhaustive list of all potential sources is not possible here. The KCE library catalogue provides a list of such sources.



Access to electronic resources happens through the following digital libraries:

logo VDIC  More than 10.000 e-journals and 8700 Ebooks (IP recognition)

logo CDLH Access to databases, journals and eBooks via CEBAM DLH (login required)