The ADAPTE Collaboration is an international collaboration of researchers, guideline developers, and guideline implementers who aim to promote the development and use of clinical practice guidelines through the adaptation of existing guidelines. The group's main endeavour is to develop and validate a generic adaptation process that will foster valid and high-quality adapted guidelines as well as the users' sense of ownership towards the adapted guideline. Following the finalization of the ADAPTE Manual and Resource Toolkit and their evaluation, the ADAPTE Collaboration dissolved and transferred the ADAPTE process and its resources to the Guidelines International Network (G-I-N) to facilitate its dissemination.

G-I-N ( made this version of the ADAPTE Manual and Resource Toolkit (version 2.0) available for free on its website. G-I-N established an Adaptation Working Group to support groups undertaking or planning to undertake guideline adaptation and to handle further developments and refinements of the ADAPTE Manual and Resource.

The current ADAPTE methodology and resources are based on the results of an evaluation conducted on a draft manual and toolkit: upon requesting the ADAPTE resources, potential users were sent a survey asking their impressions about the resources and the proposed process.