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ECLIPSE is useful for management, service or health policy related issues.

Expectations :

This is the improvement or innovation or information that you want to see.

Client group :


Location :


Impact :

What is the change in the service which is being looked for? What would constitute success? How is this being measured?

Professionals Involved :


Service :

For which service are you looking for information?

Evaluation :


Source : NHS FIFE LIBRARY SERVICES: Guide to Literature Searching. Available from: http://www.nhsfifelibraries.scot.nhs.uk/publications/litsearching.doc [visited 2010-09-15]

Evidence pyramid

 Evidence pyramid

Based on: http://smlweb.aub.edu.lb/Tutorial.aspx?file=Tutorials/principles.html and http://nyu.libguides.com/content.php?pid=27011&sid=234199#systematic [visited 2010-09-15]

Evidence source type

Evidence source types

  • Quaternary : Clinical guidelines/ consensus meetings/standards
  • Tertiary : Systematic reviews/meta-analyses/EBM publications
  • Secondary :  Bibliographical databases
  • Primary : Journals, reports

Source : CEBAM

Explosion (Explode)

Explosion consists of selecting one term in the hierarchy of a thesaurus, and including all narrower terms.